Man receives life from Earth, but his fate depends from Heaven. Heaven and Earth come together to give the man the vital force and his fate
– So Wen


Man receives life from Earth, but his fate depends from Heaven. Heaven and Earth come together to give the man the vital force and his fate. – So Wen

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient system of theoretical and practical medical knowledge that to a global vision of life in which the individual is considered in his entirety, body-mind and psyche. TCM scrutinizes the minimum beginnings of disharmony and seeks to restore the balance by supporting and encouraging the natural reactions already existing in the human being. This approach considers both the organic aspect than physiological, mental and emotional.

For a clearer understanding vision of TCM compared with Western Medicine, it should be noted that while the latter treats the disease and works on the symptom, the Traditional Chinese Medicine works on the energy imbalance and on the cause of the disease.

The TCM says “Diseases are nothing but signs of an imbalance between humans and the environment." The environment is not only the place where we live, but also the seasons, the climate phase shifts, the working environment, social environment and his relationship with the world. Therefore, the individual is an open energy system, in close connection with the surrounding environment and with whom there is an unending energy exchange.

The health and disease trend is therefore based on man’s and his organism’s ability to appropriately respond to a wide range of challenges, whether they be a germ, a climatic factor, a substance or an emotion.

TCM presents a range of disciplines and techniques directed towards maintain the health and to restore it when it is compromised, TUINA is one of them.

The therapist must cultivate the Heaven and Earth paths, he has to understand human-spirit dynamics and ponder the depth of Nature. Thus, he can grasp the Tao. – So Wen

TUINA is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TUINA ("tui", press and "na", grasping) is an energetic treatment that utilizes different manual techniques and maneuvers that, following the Energy Meridians and Acupuncture Points Paths (without use of needles) act the vital energy flow of the body's, the Qi, and therefore the physical, mental and emotional status.

Tuina treatment has no therapeutic purpose, but enhances the achievement, improvement and conservation of the natural well-being. Each treatment is a stimulus to the peculiar energy condition of those who receive treatment, and acts with the natural ability of vitality self-regeneration present in all of us.

It can be a powerful supplement to conventional therapies and great support to health care and to medical treatment.

Using a wide range of maneuvers and manipulations, the TUINA is efficacious in cases of pain, physical and mental tension, contracture, swelling, stiffness, joint pain, muscle spasms, sciatic nerve inflammation, back, neck and shoulders pain.

Moreover, TUINA finds application in disorders affecting the respiratory, gastrointestinal and gynecological system, it is useful to treat abdominal bloating, digestive and intestinal problems, menstrual irregularities and menopause.

Acting on the whole energy system, it is indicated in anxiety and depression, in cases of insomnia and generally improves, beyond the energy circulation, also the lymphatic and blood circulation and helps to strengthen the body's immune defenses.

Tuina also covers typical discomforts of adolescence such as anxiety, irritability, physical discomfort, premenstrual syndrome and lack of concentration, and for older people who need to support and preserve energy.


Neck, shoulders, arms, legs and back pains and stiffness
Joint pain and stiffness
Headache, dizziness
Intestinal, abdominal and breathing disorders
Menstrual irregularities
Menopausal disorders
Physical Fatigue and low energy levels
Sleep and emotional disorders


  • Central nervous system harmonization, blood and lymphatic circulation reactivation
  • Relieves pains and reduces inflammations
  • Facilitates joint movements
  • Nourishes the tissues
  • Boosts (strengthens) the immune system and improves the functions of all organs
  • Eliminates pathogenic factors
  • Remove obstructions and eliminates stasis
  • Improves mental and physical performance in general

It’s initially executed a careful energy evaluation of the individual and of his discomfort, according to the laws of TCM and having the person and his peculiarities has the center of the session, is then determined how to proceed with treatment, areas, paths and points to be treated.

The treatment begins with light and superficial manipulations and continues with the alternation of light and energetic maneuvers based on the specific action you want to achieve.

Essentially, it is an appropriate stimulation of the organism, in such a way that is the organism itself to recreate the conditions of equilibrium present in each of us and to ensure that the system comes close again to the natural movement of life with no loss and no blocks.

In a typical TUINA session, the client is barefoot and wears comfortable and soft clothing and he will lie or sit still on a massage bed. Can be possibly also used some oils to favor the execution of maneuvers or to potentiate their action.

The treatment usually lasts about an hour, except for the first one that lasts an hour and a half, where half an hour is dedicated entirely to energy evaluation; at the end of treatment, depending on what has emerged, it is then decided how to proceed with any subsequent sessions.

The idea of treatment is not to replace in any way the Western medicine, but it can be of support to all those who are looking for the cause of their discomfort, the prevention, a path of awareness in addition to well-being, or simply an energy balancing between mind and body.

TUINA is much more than a technique: it is the balance of our body’s energies through manual work, leading to a very deep energy work.

Each operation has its own specific action, some particular indications and various execution methods, in order to regulate and restore the flow of energy (Qi) and of blood in the body and to help its movement.

TUINA also makes use of complementary techniques such as moxibustion, Cupping, Auriculotherapy.

Tuina is indicated in all situations in which we feel the need to recover and maintain health and wellness.

TUINA, supported by the Tradition of Ancient Chinese Medicine is an excellent tool for the prevention and the strengthening of the entire immune system. Not only.

TUINA is an opportunity to reconnect with our essence, with the vitality that is within us, to recontact the body, to become aware of the tension and then of the relaxation.

"Stay in shape" means to work constantly on your balance and to adjust the movement of QI; it means preventing the arrival of diseases with something that is much more than a massage…

TUINA is the maintenance of life… both physically and mentally.



Techniques used in the Tuina treatment



Techniques used in the Tuina treatment


The place where body and soul feel at home

Through the body care and listening, we learn to give voice to our soul and to make more and more space to our natural side. In it is hidden our essence, with all the latent, unaware resources and hence vital to humans. The discomfort, the symptom comes from that side. Consequently, it is from that side that can arrive the solution, the healing.



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