NATUROPATHY & Naturopath Practitioner

All you need to know about Naturopathy and Naturopathic Method of Spazio Anima

NATUROPATHY & Naturopath Practitioner

“Naturopathy is a profession of wellness that emphasizes prevention, treatment and the promotion of optimum health through the use of therapeutic methods and modalities that encourage "self-healing" process”.
– The World Health Organization (WHO)

"Everything is the visible expression, all of nature is the image, is language and colorful hieroglyphics. Despite a highly developed science of nature, today we are not well prepared or educated to a correct observation and, with respect to nature, we are rather on the warpath". - Herman Hesse


Naturopathy (‘to feel according to nature’, ‘the patch of Nature’) it’s a discipline that is inspired by a holistic view (from the greek 'olos' - all, whole) of mind and body. Deals with health and personal well-being through natural treatments, making use of naturopathic remedies and using holistic techniques and original therapeutic methods of the great Eastern and Western traditions, designed to bring out the self-healing resources that every living creature is equipped with.

In this perspective, the figure of Naturopath Practitioner is that of a catalyst for everything that is natural in humans, the figure who "helps nature to heal itself."

Naturopathy promotes a lifestyle in line with the laws of Nature, inviting Man to be closer to his natural side, to reconnect with his own nature and to abandon all unhealthy patterns of "modern man" that lead to disease and to a gradual self-destruction.

Today it is universally recognized as health and well-being safe adjuvant and is particularly useful for PREVENTING development of diseases, SUPPORTING the physiological equilibrium, FIGHTING stress and the aging process, TAKING ACTION with natural treatments as a complement to medical therapies.

Naturopath Practitioner

The Naturopath Practitioner is an "operator of well-being" whose prescriptions fall within the framework of a reconciliation with the laws of Nature and you consciously take care of yourself by resorting for his aid.

The Naturopath therapist plays a dual role: EDUCATIONAL, to inform and educate people to manage and maintain their mental and physical balance, and CARING to help recognize, in their own constitutional ground, any physical or psycho-emotional imbalances or predisposition to them, and intervene to restore the well-being.

The Naturopath Practitioner does not pursue any of the activities reserved to health categories, rather is a valuable support as a complement to conventional therapies for all those who want to benefit from natural disciplines.

“In the physical body, illness is the result of the personality leading to the soul.” – Edward Bach, Complete Works

These discomforts can be treated in a natural way, through a holistic approach and the use of naturopathy instruments:

  • anxiety, depression;
  • chronic fatigue, lack of vitality;
  • acute or chronic stress;
  • difficulties in physical and psychological recovery;
  • Relational issues, emotional crisis
  • big changes, traumatic events (mourning abandonment, separation, serious illnesses and so on);
  • existential and/or adaptation difficulties;
  • lack of self-esteem, personal crisis;
  • various kind of emotional difficulties;
  • insomnia, lack of concentration;
  • overweight, eating disorders;
  • intestinal and digestive disorders;
  • headache, muscle rigidity;
  • seasonal physical complaints, long convalescence;
  • menopause and menstrual irregularities;
  • sexual problems;
  • various kind of phobias and fears;
  • family relationships difficulties;
  • tension and jealousy between siblings;
  • teenage problems;
  • learning and/or school performance disabilities;
  • childhood issues;
  • fluid retention, nervous hunger;
  • intestinal problems;
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Food intolerance
  • Lowering of immune defenses
  • Intoxications due to prolonged intake of drugs.

The naturopathic support can be decisive even in cases of season aches and ills, weakness or mental and physical tension, "not feeling well," feeling "blocked" physically or emotionally stuck or confused, moments of vulnerability or general mental and physical difficulties.

The idea of treatment is not to replace in any way the doctor’s figure, but to be able to support all those who are looking for the cause of their own discomfort, prevention, a path of awareness as well-being or simply a rebalancing of energy between mind and body.

Naturopathy means living in harmony with Nature. There is no need to invent new methods or create new tricks to keep healthy. It is sufficient to keep in balance with the laws of Nature, taking care of our natural side, welcoming the alarm bells when they arrive (body symptoms, psychophysical illnesses) and that signal a deviation from one's congenial condition. The naturopathic approach focuses on the "symptom" and follows it as "a thread of Ariadne" to bring us back to our vital essence and neutralize the cause of malaise through natural remedies and therapies.

For this purpose Naturopathy uses medicinal herbs (tisane, macerated, tinctures, etc.), genmoderivatives, trace elements, phytotherapeutic, floritherapeutic (bach flowers, Australian Bush, etc.), essential oils. We apply bodily techniques (massage techniques, reflexology, acupressure, manual manipulations), aromatherapy, chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, stone therapy and crystals. We use the evaluation techniques and methodologies of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Spagyria and Ayurveda, great pillars from which Naturopathy draws its foundations.

Special attention is paid to rebalancing the diet and the contribution of supplements, as our health depends first of all on what we eat and the lack of nutrients has a negative impact on the functionalities of our body.

The techniques of psychophysical relaxation, visualization, imagination and expressive methods are an important tool, which is used in the therapeutic path producing great beneficial effects and stimulating the process of self-healing.

“You seek with your senses and mind, but the answer comes from your spirit. This is how swallows learn to fly across the ocean.” – Edward Bach, Complete works

Naturopathic intervention is a natural alternative for getting out of physical disorders and mental and emotional discomforts, an approach that aims to awaken the resources of self-healing, which lead to overcome discomforts and to the development of deep and lasting psychophysical wellbeing.

Spazio Anima's naturopathic treatments follow the transformative naturopathic method which is based on psychosomatic reading of the malaise and its subsequent dissolution by resorting to naturopathic remedies, rebalancing the diet, body techniques, imaginative techniques, expressive and relaxing methods, which promote change and help the person to recover well-being in the sweetest and fastest way possible.

Naturopathic treatments are a tool for all those who wish to understand the root of their illness or, more simply, to be able to live a life fuller and richer in satisfaction and to realize your own potential. In this case, the sessions become a path of awareness and personal growth, in order to discover the inner world and its infinite resources, towards which gradually one becomes allies and beneficiaries.

The idea of treatment is not to replace in any way the doctor’s figure, but to be able to support all those who are looking for the cause of their own discomfort, prevention, a path of awareness as well-being or simply a rebalancing of energy between mind and body.

"Just before nearly all disorders, there is usually a time where you are not quite in shape or you are a little weak: that is the time to treat your condition, to get back in shape and stop events inner."- Edward Bach

In addition to the discomforts and pronounced disorders listed here, the naturopathic support can be decisive in all cases of irritation and seasonal ills, weakness or psychophysical tension, “not being in good shape", feeling physically “congested” or emotionally blocked or disoriented, moments of vulnerability or psychophysical difficulty in general.

Relying on naturopathy means looking at the root causes of physical disorders, mental and emotional discomfort and choosing the natural alternative for getting out of it. The purpose of naturopathy is not to make the symptoms disappear, but to awaken the latent energy resources that each one of us is equipped with, so that we can trigger the process of self-healing that leads to repair of physical damage, overcome discomforts and a lasting and deep psychophysical wellbeing.


“Those who don’t know, do suffer; Those who discover, do avoid; Those who know, do process through the right awareness.”
– Henri Favre

“Content without method leads to fantasy; method without content to empty sophistry; matter without form to unwieldly erudition, form without matter to hollow speculation” – Goethe

The Spazio Anima naturopathic transormative method is a complete method designed to promote self-healing, to strengthen the immune system, to restore the metabolism and to defeat the psychophysical indisposition, by helping the person to regain the well-being in the sweetest manner and as quickly as possible. The method comprises:

  • Psychosomatic reading of discomfort or uneasiness, awareness of the “sense” of illness, of the profound message it conveys.
  • The flower-therapy treatment is one of the first instruments to neutralize the acute phase and rebalance mental and physical terrain of the person.
  • Herbal treatment to specifically intervene on discomforts and disorders, as a result of a careful survey of the person's mental and physical condition and energy, considering all his peculiarities and the way he has taken charge of this disorder.
  • Spagyric treatment, represents the even more detailed investigation and study of the individual’s psychophysical condition and the application of Spagyric and alchemical remedies.
  • Food rebalancing is crucial since our style and eating habits directly affect our organism, by strengthening it or weakening it.
  • Body techniques (anti-stress massage), expressive methodologies, imaginative techniques of deep relaxation. The radical change and the real cure precisely spring from the application of these techniques, which allow to move the axis from thought and reasoning to perception and awareness, and to get in touch with the deeper side of our being by stimulating the self-healing process.

"The knowledge that a disorder is a language, a way of thinking, an existential style, opens its doors to the intelligence of the body. Asthma, psoriasis, colitis, headaches are "languages": things the body says, because we have no words to express the hardships that dwell in us. So the problems are symbols, are unconscious sentences, the unspeakable. "- Raffaele Morelli

The “psychosomatic” refers to the oneness of mind and body and submits that the emotions we feel, the attitudes we adopt, our way of having relationships with others and the context in which we are placed, directly affect and determine our health. Psychosomatic does not look at the physical symptom as a result of organic causes, but rather as a manifestation of the inner dynamics of the individual. The discomfort, the crises or disease are seen as an event that breaks to correct a way of life that is no longer appropriate to the person, because it doesn’t allow self-fulfillment and happiness. In this perspective, disease and discomfort are a language and, to heal, you must understand it. Through the symbolic interpretation of the disease, the individual has the opportunity to become aware of himself (self-aware) and of the original cause of the disorder. The ability to listen and understand the symptom, rather than trying to eliminate it, is the main objective of psychosomatic. Awareness is the first step toward true healing, the knowledge of the sense of discomfort will help to implement a change in the right direction in order to activate the Self-Healing resources that each individual is equipped with.

"It takes ears capable of listening to the unsaid, what the symptoms are telling, and therefore the listening, the understanding, the sense are crucial. (...) If we lose our way, if we do not look for it anymore, we are merely reduced to "bearers of organs", waiting to be filled with drugs or to be operated. Nevertheless, disorders often make manifested the loss of the most precious side of our soul: find it again not only means to heal, but give a sense to his own life. "- Raffaele Morelli

"These herbs have been repeatedly succeed where all other treatments failed."
"Flowers that cure through the soul." - Edward Bach

Edward Bach, the father of flower essence therapy
We owe to Edward Bach (1886-1936, doctor, anthropologist, visionary researcher) this beautiful, gentle discipline that was the precursor of the vibrational medicine. Bach said that when you get sick, what needs to be cured is the person and not the disease, arguing that each individual gets sick in a unique way for reasons that are intimately his and that the disease can affect each person in a completely different manner. He thought of utmost importance not the disease itself, but the way in which the person get sick; He said that the mood of the individual is the most sensitive guide to know what the person needs.

Bach Flowers, Australian, Californian, Himalayan flower essences etc.
Bach created the 38 flower remedies (Bach flowers) obtained from flowers, plants and trees spontaneously grown in nature and he introduced them giving us these instructions: “…there is one for every mood that can be an obstacle to our happiness. And everything you need to know is the patient’s mood, so that to give him the proper Remedy or Remedies. It doesn’t matter if the illness lasts few minutes or many years, the principle is the same: (…) you heal the patient; you heal the patient depending on the mood, considering the personal traits, the individuality, and you can’t go wrong.” (E. Bach, The Complete Works).

In later decades, other flower-therapy remedies have been developed in various parts of the World which, following the Bach traces and concept, have led to the creation of flower remedies such as Australian Bush Essences, Californian, Himalayan etc.

Vibrational Medicine
Dr. Bach flower-therapy was the precursor of what is now called the "vibrational medicine". Unlike allopathic medicine (based on Newtonian physics model that considers the world of reality as an intricate material mechanism and the human body as a sort of biological computer controlled by the brain and peripheral nervous system), vibrational medicine is based on modern physics latest findings and on Einstein physics model which considers the matter as a manifestation of energy and the human being as a network of energy fields interacting with physic cellular system.

How they work
Starting from this assumption, flower remedies act on the energetic frequencies of the organism, by balancing emotionally, mentally and physically the person and thus promoting a deep wellness. They’re true catalysts for the individual awareness about his latent parts and in the awakening of the vital and creative energies. Every essence gets in tune with a particular aspect of the individual and brings him back to his natural equilibrium, neutralizing in a gentle and gradual manner the imbalances that led to discomfort and that preclude self-fulfillment and happiness.

Side effects and contraindications
Flower remedies do not have a molecolar substance and therefore are side effects and contraindications free. They are not addictive, nor interfere with other cures, remedies or medications.

Bach flower essences: new horizons
A thorough study of Bach's method and further research on the application of essences by Dr. Dietmar Kramer, Dr. Ricardo Orozco, Dr. Boris Rodriguez, have led to amazing discoveries and extraordinary results. As a result, new methods of Bach flower essences use and application have been developed (Kramer 12 binaries, the Orozco transpersonal application, Rodriguez personality disorders treatment etc.) which allowed to greatly enlarge the field of action by increasing the effectiveness.

“A medicinal plant is any plant which, in one or more of its organ, contains substance that can be used for therapeutic purpose or which is a precursor for synthesis of useful drugs.” - World Health Organization.

Phytotherapy studies, selects and uses medicinal herbs that have active and specific biological properties that can be used to support, strengthen and balance the body's vital functions.

The cure with herbs dates back to ancient times. First the Egyptians and later the Greeks and the Romans were expert users of the gifts of nature: they knew that in the meadows of herbs, valleys and hills, there was the power to cure human diseases. In ancient times, not only physicians used and taught the powers of herbs, but also the same people had a great knowledge of their virtue and was able to heal itself in many types of disorders.

Medicinal plants can be successfully used to prevent and treat many diseases, as adjuvants during other types of therapies and to maintain the well-being achieved, to avoid aggressive treatment (where possible) and their side effects.

The herbal remedies act thanks to the presence of multiple active principles and in particular through the plant complex, a set of dynamic biochemical substances, which is activated through the interaction of the various constituents, which mutually reinforcing. The active ingredients are special substances (the most common are acids, alkaloids, bitters glycosides, lipids, mucilages etc.) Each of which is equipped with certain properties: antibacterial, antiseptic, digestive, laxative, sedative, stimulant etc.)

Today there is a true natural pharmacopoeia with a broad assortment of high quality products authorized by the Ministry of Health, which contain the best that nature can give to overcome any discomforts.

“Imagination is a celestial body inside the human soul, a "concentrated extract of living forces" that can change not only the inner world and consciousness, but also the outside world and the physical reality” – Jeffrey Raff

Relaxation techniques, visualization, imagination and expressive methodologies

The imaginative, mental and physical relaxation techniques were used by Renaissance physicians (Paracelsus, 1493-1541) as therapeutic practices targeted to awaken the innate healing potential present in each of us and to strengthen the immune system of the whole organism. Their effectiveness has been largely confirmed by recent studies of human biology and neuroscience. They lead us to a deep mental and physical relaxation and are an excellent tool for the disposal of acute or chronic stress and to neutralize the nervous tensions, which are the basis of many discomforts.

Among the beneficial effects, they produce slow heart rate, drop in blood pressure, relieving muscle tension and chronic muscle pain, improving mental concentration and mood levels. It is based on the assumption that muscle tension is proportional to the inner tensions: the more you are tense, the more your muscles are stiff. Through the imaginative relaxation, the subject becomes aware of his own body and learn how to listen to it, by moving inside his perception of external reality, from mental to perceptive faculty. This favors a greater awareness of physical sensations, the emotions you feel and symptoms that your body sends you, essential requirement to start a course of treatment.

Visualization and guided imagery are special techniques where imagination becomes an instrument and the body a reception camp and an expression of emotions and discomfort that somehow block the wellbeing. They rely on the wise use of appropriate images (spontaneous and introduced by the operator) with the purpose of entering into greater contact with your natural side and to awaken the inner energies that lead to self-healing.

These techniques are applied through individual or group sessions, starting from basic and rather simples ones, that promote general well-being and can be learned and put into practice in an autonomous way, up to more structured forms, designed for each type of physical and mental disorder that, if practiced with a certain constancy, are able to provide a real therapeutic path.

“You could say that perceiving the hiding meaning of a situation can activate the particular type of power contained in the same situation. (…) It is not at all impossible to consider that, through an imaginative vision, an external situation triggers a transformative and healing process, that directly affects the situation The imagination not only gives rise to intuition, but also to real transformations.

"The anti-stress massage performs an extremely important task: reactivates our embryonic energy and along with it all the transformative, growth and change potentialities that this energy has in itself.” – Raffaele Morelli

Developed by Dr. Raffaele Morelli (doctor, psychiatrist and psychotherapist), this massage is performed with light touches on various points of the body that produce a deep and lasting relaxation. Performed in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, it is combined with imaginative techniques, aromatherapy and color therapy. For the medicines of The Tradition, it was very clear that, pursuant to a correct body posture and the massage of specific points, our brain enters in the blood "tranquility substances".

This type of treatment has different purposes than other massages:

It is not pointing to the relaxation, but to a "timeless inner state ", a contemplative space where consciousness sees fading away thoughts, words, emotions and finally our Self (Ego), which is the main cause of all our troubles, of all our sorrows. (…) We must look at ourselves to remain empty and free from every identifications, to get closer to the essence, which is the consciousness of the World in every space. (…) …the “contemplative consciousness” knows how to heal.” – Raffaele Morelli

The Spagyric medicine is the practical application of the alchemical thinking concerning health problem of the human being.

The Spagyric medicine looks at the human being from the point of synthetic and not analytic view, so it does not analyze the many disorders that, according to the modern medicine, can affect an organ, rather it captures all the normal and pathological characteristics that distinguish each individual on the physical, energetic and mental level. Its purpose is to understand what kind of archetype, i.e. to understand which primary or secondary function is altered and compromised and what kind of remedy (metallic, mineral, vegetable or blend) is preferable to restore balance and well-being.

What sets Spagyrics from other techniques that use natural materials for therapeutic purposes (such as herbalism or homeopathy) and makes it a unique science, it is not only the extraction process of ingredients, but the basic alchemical thought, the ability to step forward the banal symptomatic reading so that to rediscover, through the laws of analogy, the key to the integral health, in harmony with human microcosm and macrocosm.

- From course in Spagyrics – Istituto Riza

Studies of Spagyrics
Whether naturopathy is based on the study and treatment of the individual's ground, Spagyric medicine studies the human being his constitution, temperament and personality. According to a careful evaluation of these aspects, Spagyrics and alchemic remedies are identified, acting on all the individual levels: physical, emotional and mental.

“Defining the Constitutioin of an individual means to classify him in the “genre” of belonging. Determining the temperament of a Being means defining the 'species' to which he belongs ... (...) ... the study of temperament is very important since it allows to predict and thus prevent ailments and diseases that can affect the subject. " - Léon Vannier

Spagyric and alchemical remedies
In the preparation of remedies, Spagyric medicine use a special processing technique (alchemical process) of materials coming from the three kingdoms of nature, in order to maximize the virtues of their active ingredients.

This procedure allows to extract and transfer into spagyrics and alchemical remedies the healing properties of the plant and also its vital spirit, which comes into direct contact with the spirit (or soul) of the individual, deeply taking care of the organs and emotional or mental aspects.


The place where body and soul feel at home

Through the body care and listening, we learn to give voice to our soul and to make more and more space to our natural side. In it is hidden our essence, with all the latent, unaware resources and hence vital to humans. The discomfort, the symptom comes from that side. Consequently, it is from that side that can arrive the solution, the healing.



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