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Evening meeting: "FEEL the EMOTIONS ' POSITIVE ' and ' NEGATIVE ' ... and make the best of it!"

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Hours 20.30

EXPERIENCE the THRILL "POSITIVE" and "NEGATIVE" ... and make the best of it!

Knowing how to live properly stimulates and enhances our vital energy,
that scrolling free feeds your brain and strengthens the whole body
Evening dedicated to the world of emotions and their transformative powers.
We will find out their language and deeper meaning
Topics of the evening:
– A different look on emotions
– The other way to know and experience them
– The secret transformation of emotions
Feel the emotions through the laws of naturopathy
and traditional Chinese medicine

Maryna Koulich - Naturopath practicioner
Carmelita Faedo – Tuina Therapist and TCM
c/o Sala del Centro Sociale (above the library)
Via Bellaria, 2 – Serravalle Sesia (VC)


SPAZIO ANIMA – Carmelita Faedo – 348 1328553 – info@spazioanima.com

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