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Practical course on SELF-ESTEEM



Saturday, May 28, 2016
From 10.00 to 18.00


c/o Girolibero – Via Conforto da Costozza, 7 – VICENZA


We are used to thinking that self-esteem you conquer through external attributes: success, economic security, emotional security, social status ... Nothing further from the truth!

Self-esteem is not to become "more" or to have "more", it is a permanent state of being that flows from our inner world and is already present inside of us, even in the darkest moments, and has nothing to do with the external events.
How to re-appropriate this source and ensure that it becomes a state of being, a pivot of our being, a strong foundation that guides us and sustains us in the most difficult moments of life, we will deal with during the course.

We will learn to identify the causes of low esteem so as not to fall anymore into its traps, we will learn the true meaning of self-esteem and the codes to ensure that it becomes our loyal ally on which to rely, regardless of external conditions.


This is an intensive course, presenting a theoretical exposure followed by practical experience, so that the course content does not remain a mere concepts but they can apply in their daily lives and bring us to a State of well being from the beginning. Because their self-esteem, or inner wellness, is not something to be conquered, but rather a condition that must be re-contact during the course we will learn the right moves to get it re-emerge and grow, and at the same time to eradicate the causes that nourish the disesteem.
This course is definitely an opportunity for transformative experience.

The course is conducted by Maryna Koulich, Naturopath, she is an expert and scholar of the soul (understood as the inner core that makes each of us) and the laws of the inner world.
The method used in the courses is direct and engaging and aims to raise awareness of the inner worlds as a source to transform us and live with greater comfort. Each course explores a theme or an uneasiness with the aim of conveying more and how to address it and solve it. Practical experience is a fundamental part of the courses and is carried out by applying the skilled imaginative techniques suitable for any person without effort.

The course takes place in a single day from 10.00 to 18, with a lunch break.

Call now for info and registration:
Carmelita Faedo – cell. +39 348 1328553

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