Feeling good physically and emotionally is the most important thing to live a satisfying life and to bring us what we really need.

There is another way of looking at ourselves (to look at ourselves), to consider the physical disorders, the inner discomforts, the events that happen to us and experiences we live (life experiences). It takes another approach towards ourselves and the world around us, if we want to get rid of the discomfort and begin to feel good for real.

It is from this approach that our method comes from, accompanied by the wise and tailored application of Naturopathic resources and manual techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it leads the person to an authentic and lasting wellness, a wellness right away perceived.


Spazio Anima is a place dedicated to you, to those who wants finally feeling good. Feel good meant as a deep, authentic wellness, reflected on every level of our existence, of our soul, mind and body.

Here at Spazio Anima, drawing from ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy, we look at the Human Being and his discomforts from a different perspective, taking into consideration his Uniqueness, his vital and creative resources and how they can fully emerge and express themselves. We cooperate to offer you a wellness right away perceived, which outlines an alternative path to everyday life (daily life). Feeling good physically and emotionally is the most important thing to get what we really need, a need that sometimes we feel far away because we do not know how to look with “Soul eyes” (with the eyes of the Soul), a unique and powerful source for a true rebirth.

As you ought not to attempt to cure the eyes without the head, or the head without the body. So neither ought you to attempt to cure the body without the soul. This is the reason why the cure of many diseases is unknown to the physicians, because they are ignorant of the Whole, which ought to be studied also; for the part can never be well unless the Whole is well.

– Plato, Charmides



The place where body and soul feel at home

Through the body care and listening, we learn to give voice to our soul and to make more and more space to our natural side. In it is hidden our essence, with all the latent, unaware resources and hence vital to humans. The discomfort, the symptom comes from that side. Consequently, it is from that side that can arrive the solution, the healing.



The welcome: You are Unique!
Each person is unique and there are no two alike disorders. In the hospitable and discreet atmosphere of our study, we reserve you a special welcome, which takes into consideration your sensibility and the intensity of your discomfort. We assume the task of relieving the discomfort since the very first visit and support you until the radical shift towards a lasting well-being.


A solid basis for a healty life
Doing this job has been a conscious choice driven by a great passion, as well as by years of study and research. We are here to help you and all the people who choose a natural way to cope with daily life difficulties and psychophysical disorders, and we remain at your disposal for any suggestions to live comfortably even afterwards.


Our approach is practical and not mystical
The approach is holistic and extremely practical and follows the laws of Nature that always govern the health and life of Mankind. We do not follow mental or philosophical paths, religious or "oriental style", mystical or coaching ways. We respect your belief whatever it is, but we do know that the laws that promote mental and physical health are the same for everyone and they are our guide.


Our naturopathic method is transformative
The naturopathic method looks at the root of the uneasiness and aims to dissolve the cause of your discomfort, and not at the mere disappearance of the symptoms reported. Integral parts of the method are the wise application of our vital essence codes and of the laws that govern it, the naturopathic remedies and bodily and imaginative techniques for deep relaxation that promote self-healing.


The naturopathic path is direct and involving
It is based on individual counseling and group meetings. The individual approach allows us to specifically deepen your problems and to identify remedies and the most appropriate instruments to bring you back to wellness. The group approach allows you to learn a new autonomous way to treat and solve the discomfort and to deepen it in a practical manner within the group.


Our TUINA treatments promote self-healing
The TUINA treatments, with their different maneuvers and manipulations and the use of complementary techniques such as moxibustion, cupping and auricular therapy, treat all kinds of tension, discomfort, muscle pain, joint and act on the points, channels, organs and bowels and hence on vital energy, the QI, restoring its correct flow and encouraging the health recovery.


Natural remedies are our allies
We exclusively use natural origin remedies from carefully selected producers, prepared according to specific procedures that make them highly effective from the outset. The flower-therapy and herbal, spagyric and alchemical remedies are identified and chosen meticulously, considering your specific case and will act on the cause of your discomfort by strengthening the entire body by avoiding intoxications.


The great synergy of Naturopathic Method & TUINA
To encourage a deep well-being in a short time, we propose you to experience the great effectiveness of the synergy of the two disciplines, structured in a unique path tailored to regain your health and vitality to 360°. The uneasiness and its causes are gradually dissolved with the effectiveness of naturopathic method greatly enhanced by TUINA treatments, and vice versa of course.


A Lasting Wellness
Resorting to the naturopathic path and delving the method, you acquire knowledge that helps you feel physically well and to live everyday life in harmony, regardless of external conditions. This knowledge allows you to solve many difficulties and daily problems in an autonomous way and can be strengthened through participation in meetings and courses held regularly.



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